Grower Members


Download our complete list of Grower Members for 2017 here:




Member Benefits & How To Join


F.A.R.M. supporters who pay an annual membership fee of $500 are entitled to serve as full, voting members for that year. 

They are invited to the Annual Membership Meeting (usually in March) where staff members provide an overview of their experiments and accomplishments for the last year, where Board Members are elected, and where their voices become integral to planning the direction that F.A.R.M. will take for the next year. 

Any full member may express their interest in serving on the Board of F.A.R.M. -- if you're interested let us know!

Member support is critical in ensuring that F.A.R.M. is able to continue its important work; your membership donation helps with everything from keeping the lights on and the building heated to analyzing hard cider samples, putting in new varieties of trees and grapes to test, and buying everything from pipette tips and petri dishes to paper towels.

Members have direct phone and email access to our research staff and agricultural specialists to help solve and manage disease and pest issues that appear throughout the year and to be forewarned of troubles that our staff sees on the horizon.

Members may receive a quarterly newsletter via email or postal mail (by request.)


Join F.A.R.M. now and support the continued success of Hudson Valley Agriculture!